Our Story

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Maya Taqueria proudly brings you really good Mexican food with fresh and tasty ingredients. 


I relocated to NY in 2001, and as a lifelong fan of SF’s Mission district burritos, I sought out my favorite food only to find out most places didn’t come close to the style, flavor, or taste I was accustomed to in San Francisco.

In 2010 I opened Maya Taqueria, a” no frills” California style taqueria with huge burritos and yummy tacos made from fresh, and tasty ingredients that are reminiscent of the west coast flavors I love so much and I’m sure you will too. Maya Taqueria proudly brings you fine Mexican food with fresh and tasty ingredients.

Every dish is made from scratch. We do not use canned or frozen products. Once you taste our food, your palate will be pleased. Our chef has been satisfying appetites for over 20 years. We strive to offer you the tastiest and healthiest Mexican cooking, California taqueria style!